Why start with an empty account?
Professional trading features combined with a simple interface
Fractional trading You can start investing with as little as 1 cent thanks to fractonal assets
Marginal :
Marginal trading Use up to 10x leverage to increase your exposure to markets. Short-selling Profit even in the bear market by short selling any asset.
Unlimited possibilities with over 700+ markets On Morpher, you can trade any market you want: crypto, stocks, commodities, Forex.
Match your skills up against other traders Morpher is the first truly global trading platform, with users from 180 countries.
Staking Haven’t got time to trade? Staking allows you to earn up to 11% APY without actively investing your capital.

Morpher uses smart-contracts, which are small self-executing and self-governing applications that are hard-coded in the blockchain. Alone, a smart contract can accomplish a simple function, but many smart contracts working together can accomplish complex operations. When you trade on Morpher, you're trading thanks to a decentralized smart contract protocol that uses your tokens to replicate the economics of investing, with an extra added layer of security and verifiability. Check out our whitepaper to learn more about how our smart contracts work.

Morpher Token, or MPH, is a cryptocurrency which is used as the settlement currency for all trades on Morpher. In order to trade using Morpher, you have to use MPH. If you don't have MPH, don't worry - we can automatically convert your euros, dollars, or crypto into MPH.

It's what we call the unique way with which your trades are made. When you enter a trade, our protocol creates a record entry on the blockchain with your trade size and market price, along with some other parameters of your trade. When you want to close your position, the protocol will check against those parameters, and compare them with the current market price, and pay you out a proportional return. This isn't too different from how the futures market works in traditional finance.

What are Virtual Futures?
Since Morpher's trading all happens against a smart contract and not another human counterparty, whether the market is open or not doesn't matter. If you want to trade on Morpher when, for example, the stock market is closed, then your trade will be placed at the last available market price.

There are a number of factors that make Morpher safer than most trading platforms and brokerages. Verifiability: You can verify every single trade that is placed on Morpher via the publicly available Morpher blockchain scanner. Security: We don't store your password or private key, you login with your own cryptocurrency wallet. Negative Balance Protection: It's impossible to lose more money than the value of your trade. Fair System: No reliance on counterparties means that your trades cannot be frontrun by banks or high-frequency traders.

You can use your existing cryptocurrency tokens on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, or Ethereum, to fund your account. We also partnered with a number of popular transaction providers to support account funding using PayPal, Visa/Mastercard, SEPA, Wire Transfer, and many digital wallets.

On Morpher you can withdraw by converting your tokens automatically to Matic, and sending them directly to any exchange or wallet that support the Polygon network. Don't worry, more methods are on the way.

Do I need qualifications to enter?

Yes - zero fees! We're not a broker, or an exchange, nor do we rely on and have to pay off countless middlemen. There are no fees on using Morpher, because there don't have to be to make trading possible. Morpher makes money by receiving a small anti-inflationary amount of MPH from our smart contract protocol, which is paid out to all smart-contract operators or administrators. Check out our whitepaper to learn more about the role of our company in operating and maintaining the Morpher Protocol.

Morpher supports more than 200 countries and regions. Since Morpher is operated by an Austrian company, we have to abide by the laws of the European Union. A full list of unsupported countries is available here. Morpher is currently unavailable in the USA.

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No. All trading on Morpher is done with only the price of the assets at stake. You don't get to collect any dividends because you never own the underlying asset.
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For more information, companies in the Marmara region may contact Gokce Tuncer and the companies in the other regions may contact Yaprak Cakilcioglu at the US Commercial Service. For more information on Investor Visas please visit our Embassy’s website.
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Join 150+ Chief Investment officers and leading investment industry executives this May
Join 150+ Chief Investment officers and leading investment industry executives this May From geopolitical instability compounding the economic impact of the pandemic and the still-looming spectre of inflation, to shifting investor demands driving the rise and rise of sustainable investing and alternative assets – the disruption impacting the entire investment management ecosystem is relentless.
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Amidst this unprecedented uncertainty and extreme market volatility, we must continue to adapt, innovate and uncover new opportunities to generate returns. Discover how industry-leading asset allocators and managers are navigating these new complexities, implementing resilient operating models and pivoting portfolios to protect investments and businesses.
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Reuters Events: Investment USA 2022 brings together leading Chief Investment Officers and top-level decision makers from North America’s most influential asset managers, investors and industry innovators, to share their insights on the mega trends shaping the markets throughout 2022 and beyond.
Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction
As global markets continue to face turbulence and historically fail-safe asset classes lose their lustre, we are seeing portfolios pivot to protect investments. Discover what strategies leading allocators and managers are finding to generate alpha in a low-yield, high volatility environment.
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Economic & Regulatory Outlook Understand the increasingly complex social and economic megatrends driving the seismic shifts facing the industry, and how these will impact portfolios and businesses throughout 2022 and beyond. From navigating evolving client expectations, to managing ever-increasing regulatory burdens.
Operational Optimisation and Innovation
Operational Optimisation and Innovation The structural shifts that have long been impacting asset managers’ bottom lines are being felt more keenly than ever – from fee compression to digital disruption. Explore how leading firms are harnessing the latest technology and implementing resilient and adaptable operating models to mitigate systemic risk
The Rise of Alternatives
The Rise of Alternatives With the spectre of inflation still looming and interest rates on the rise, investors are increasingly looking beyond traditional asset classes in their quest for alpha. Hear how top allocators are increasing exposure to private markets and alternative asset classes to protect portfolios through diversification, and uncover untapped opportunities.